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where is the download option?

we can't purchase this game DRM-free??

Soon it will be possible! ;)

is it soon yet?


I talked to devs on twitter for my review about this and they said as of now gamejolt is only place for drm-free for this title

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Just a question that I'm sure you've been asked a lot. Will it be free on full release?

Most likely not! Warlock's Tower won't be expensive, however, as we want a lot of people playing it! :)

Been meaning to try this out for a while now, and I'm glad I finally did! Very well-designed, simple but makes gets surprisingly tricky.

Thank you! We're glad you enjoyed it, we tried to keep the game challenging while at the same time don't make a too steep learning curve. :)

If you liked the game, consider voting for us on Greenlight :) It would really help us make the game come true:

This is very nice!

Too bad I can't handle the upper levels.

Thank for the Let's Play, Iwan! You did a very fast playthrough of our demo, so congrats! :D


I really really enjoyed to play this game! Loved the puns and everything ahhah! 10/10 IGN :P

Obrigado, Vycemor! ;)

can u play this puzzle game it s hard

Excellent, fun little game. Challenging but not too complicated. Can't wait for more.

Thank you so much for playing our demo! :) The full version of the game is probably going to be a little tougher than this version, but we're sure you'll will enjoy it as much as this one.

That was a good little puzzle game! I really enjoyed it and didn't want to stop playing till I had finished it!

Thank you for playing! There will be a lot more stages in the complete game, so just you wait!

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Great! really fun puzzles.

made with Love2D :)

Yes! We're making it with Love2d ( :D

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Im getting into making something soon. I want LUA and Love2D ( i think) . Could you perhaps message me or answer a quick Q's ?

1. how did you make a game with no engine/gui editor ?

2. what did image program did you use to make your ace graphics!

Well, let's see:

1) Love2d is no engine, but it is a very powerful framework! And on top of that, we are using several libs from its official Libraries page, which truly helped us along the way. As for the GUI editor, our game isn't really UI heavy, so that doesn't come out as a very big problem for us. And even in that case: there are some nice UI Love2d libs already written. Take a look at them!

2) We used Photoshop, but there are 2 awesome tools for pixel art which we strongly recommend: PyxelEdit and ASEprite. They are not at all expensive and very easy to use. Check them out! :)

Many thanks :)

Nice game, addictive mechanic :)

Thank you so much for playing! And I'm happy to say that there is more from where these mechanics came from! ;) Just you wait!

Great little game. I've subscribed to your mailing list. Looking forward to seeing more. :)

Thanks, Chris! :) We're glad you enjoyed our demo, there's a lot more coming! We'll keep you posted ;)


Really Like it

Thanks, my friend! :)